Our Story

The year, 1908. The town, Dover. In a small downtown storefront, two recent immigrants from Italy try to earn a meager living for themselves and their children.

News arrives of a "new" town rising from the swampy marsh surrounding the newly laid tracks of the "Wheeling & Lake Erie", some twenty miles to the northwest. Without hesitation these two pioneering spirits load up their belongings and strike out for this new opportunity.

The year, 1909. The town, Brewster. Marion and Annunziata Belloni, Mike and Grandma, as they would later be known, open what is destined to become a landmark business in this, our quiet little village.

Over the years, through the ceaseless toil and effort of four generations of the Belloni family, their employees and most importantly their loyal customers, the business has grown to what you know today as Belloni Foods. We are committed to providing quality meats, produce and groceries to our customers at reasonable prices.

We are proud to serve all of you, the Greatest Customers in the World! We appreciate the support you have given us over the years and look forward to serving you!

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